Judging by the blog posts that covered Mozilla at FOSDEM already, there seems to be general consensus that it was a great success.

Get some up to date coverage here:


I don’t have much more to add, except to say that I agree, it was really great this year. A larger attendance in the Mozilla room, higher than average temperatures in Brussels, and the no small matter of 10 years of Mozilla combined to make it something special.

The Mother Ship (supplementing the work of Mozilla Europe) got more involved in the organisation this year, and a big shout out must go to Anne-Julie Ligneau, Mary Colvig, Jane Finette, Pascal Chevrel, Chris Hofmann, Seth Bindernagel (sethb), and Carsten Book to name just some, for there hard work in the run-up and during the event. And I want to give special mention to the French Mozilla team for their manning (and “womaning”) of the Mozilla stand.

I was very happy with the way the sessions went. All speakers without exception delivered great content and made their topics engaging, enough that the room was full for most talks despite the stifling heat in the rooms.

Gerv has managed to swing one of the big rooms for us again next year, and we are even toying around with the idea of extending the Mozilla gathering by a day or two before the FOSDEM main event starts. However, I don’t think sethb and David Tenser could survive that long together again in Brussels, so we would have to keep the dynamic duo apart for at least half that time!

Surviving and Thriving in the Sauna

3 thoughts on “Surviving and Thriving in the Sauna

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  • 14-Jun-2008 at 16:15

    When I came to this blog from Google I thought I was going to read about your first experience in a sauna. After reading the post I can only assume that saunas were part of the experience.

    However I followed the links you provided as I was intrigued by your comments and discovered what it was about. I use FireFox as my preferred browser but was unaware of FOSDEM until now.

  • 14-Jun-2008 at 18:34

    I’m not sure what your title “Surviving and Thriving in the Sauna” has to do with the topic under discussion. I did a search in Google looking for blogs about saunas and your blog was high on those listed. So Google thinks you are about saunas. :)

    However your blog was interesting. I switched to FireFox three years ago and would not dream of using IE ever again.

    I followed the links you provided and enjoyed a learning experience. I would love to be able to attend next year’s event as it sounds like this year’s was a lot of fun as well as a learning experience.


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