Some random snippets/observatiosn…

  • Nat Torkington over at O’Reilly Radar want Mozilla to reverse its course on XULRunner. I’m confused. He seems to be implying that it should be dropped. shaver has already called him on it in the comments.
  • What has happened to MozPad. The initial enthusiasm and burst of action has evaporated. I hold my hands up as guilty of letting the momentum drop … must follow up in the appropriate channels about this.
  • If you missed my previous post about FOSDEM 2008, head on over to the Wiki to find out more. I’m wishing Gerv a speedy recovery in time.
  • Is it just me, or are the prices at the Mozilla International Store outrageous?! € 68.06 for a messenger bag, which does not include shipping which appears to run and around another € 20 per kg. I’m sure the goods are good, but are they that good?
  • Last night at a hair salon art studio(!) opening in Ljubljana, I was catching up with my friend Luka Frelih from Ljudmila. He is blown away by the speed of Firefox 3. So am I. Among the many interesting things he is working on, OpenStreetMap stood out.
Holiday Moz Snippets

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