It has been mentioned in a few other places, but I want to jump in and wish David Boswell the best of luck in his new position as Programs Coordinator at the Mozilla Foundation. I know David as both a friend and a work colleague (as fellow member of Mozdev Board of Directors). I have no doubt he will bring to bear his valuable experience in the community and positive energy to the position. See how he describes it in his own words here.

On the subject of Mozdev, after a lengthy selection process, we have hired new application developer to add more features to the site and provide more services to our ever loyal project owners. David has already introduced Doug Warner, and I have nothing to add except to thank the other board members (esp. David, Myk Melez and Eric Jung) for their tireless work in filling the position. So as we move forward, I invite you to review our current roadmap, and please let us know what other features you would like to see.

[If you are wondering about the post title, head on over to to discover one of David’s other talents]

All Is Well in Mozilla Land

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