If you are currently investing in the Mozilla platform, as I do every day, the future is now and the big shake up is happening. We’ve seen it coming, and after all, things can’t stay the same forever.

The 2 crucial events for me have been:

  • The move to the new Mozilla2 repository, and the debate surrounding that (see also naming).
  • The debate about the future of XULRunner and the Mozilla Platform

The latter has culminated in Matt Gertner’s proposal for mozpad.org, a meeting place for platform consumers to share experiences and formulates plans for a better platform, and in Mitchell Baker’s post on Mozilla’s plans for the next 18 months, including investment in XULRunner. While some of you might be alarmed at the decision to drop official packaged XULRunner builds, the crucial statement for me is:

Improve two way communication with the XUL application developer community.

If this alone can be achieved, it will be a major step forward. And after all, while Netscape/AOL/Mozilla provided the technologies over the years for platform developers to use, it has always been 3rd party developers who have built great applications on it. I don’t see any reason why that should change.

Moz Futures

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