NOTICE has moved hosting for it’s primary server to the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University. Here we are set-up with excellent facilities, and are in the company of many distinguished projects that are hosted there. We feel this is an excellent fit for us.

Data was migrated last week (3rd) and all our services (bugzilla, cvs, mailing lists, …) were back up quickly after some down time. However a few minor issues remain to be ironed out and one major issue. This major issue is the unavailability of the rsync server for mirrors to sync up with. This was in fact not caused by the migration, but an unrelated hardware failure on a different server. We are actively working to remedy this, and thank you for your patience, especially project owners who can not release updates.

If you see any further problems, feel free to comment in the tracking bug, or file a new bug if you think it warrants one.

Huge thanks to Michael Dosser for migrating the data and ensuring everything went smoothly.

New Mozdev Hosting

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