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Passivhaus Institut An alternative standard for house building, with increased energy self-sufficiency and lower heating costs. (tags: house PassiveHouse energy) seeing red: halloween Excellent Halloween Tabblo … who would have thought you could do so much with a corkscrew! (tags:

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Shortcuts: Keeping your inbox in shape – Get out of the email loop. (tags: email blackberry) | Galerija: 2006-10-13-Si.Blogs.Meet.2006 Photos from Slovene Bloggers meeting (tags: siblogs blogging blogs) Another si.blogs meet complete David links to all posts he

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GNU Gnuzilla and IceWeasel – GNU Mozilla and Firefox releases Why? (tags: mozilla firefox gnu) cbeard’s mozilla blog: Mozilla, Trademarks and Debian Chris Beard clarifies Mozilla’s trademark position on Firefox. (tags: mozilla debian trademark firefox) Digg Button Plug-In For WordPress