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I will be at the International Business Linux and Open Source Conference next week in Portorož on the Slovene coast. While I won’t be speaking, I will be participating in a round table discussion (alert: mostly iin Slovene language) on using OSS in business information systems.

The schedule looks good this year, with some talks in Slovene and some in English. The 3 main tracks are Web Technologies, Security, and Embedded Systems. Come along, there must be something there that interests you to get out of the office!

If you want to meet up while there, get in touch.

IBLOC 2006
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3 thoughts on “IBLOC 2006

  • 27-Sep-2006 at 23:06

    Are you also planning on attending the slightly less (okay, much less) prestigious Sloblogmeet 4 in Ljubljana?

  • 28-Sep-2006 at 17:57

    I’ll do my best Michael? Will you be honouring us with an appearance this year?


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