Having diabetes, one of the crucial ways to help yourself is to educate yourself about the disease. One of the ways I do this is via blogs. I currently have 13 diabetes blogs in my feed reader that I read regularly, and there are likely hundreds if not thousands more out there.

So I want to give something back … and I got to thinking what is the online diabetes world missing. Then, just like a fast approaching hypo, it dawned on me. Planet Diabetes. If you are not familiar with the concept, Planet is a one stop shop for all blog entries on a related subject. For example, Planet Mozilla. Using Planet Planet software, it aggregrates all participating feeds into a single blog with a feed of its own.

Here’s a prototype. Next Steps:

  • Contact bloggers to ask them to participate (i.e. use their feeds)
  • Customise the design
  • Move it to a domain that makes more sense, e.g. yourbloodsugar.org / mybloodsugar.org. Any ideas? I don’t think planetdiabetes.org is available.
  • Find a cure for diabetes

Ok, if we achieve all but the last step, I’d be happy. I’ll leave that one to the scientists.

Thanks to Chris for helping get it set up.

Bloody Sugar

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