I have to admit I am a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies. They are not the type of movies that everyone would ‘get’, an aquired taste for sure. But Chasing Amy is one of my favourite love stories ever, Mall Rats summed up a sub-culture pretty well, and Jersey Girl was a decent story told and performed well despite the bad box office mainly due to the media backlash against it’s main stars.

But I have to admit I’m not too excited about Clerks II, mainly because I didn’t enjoy the first one so much. And it seems like the film is gaining momentum more for what is happening off screen then on. First, writer Nikki Finke takes issue with the offer your name in the credits to MySpace users in exchange for links, and Kevin replies [more follow-up here and here]. Then Kevin writes about the walkout of film critic Joel Siegel from a screening of Clerks II. Now maybe I am naive and this is part of some marketing ploy, but it seems a bit nasty to me.
Come on Kevin,  you didn’t need to go there. Just let your movies stand up for themselves and do the talking.

Much Ado About Nothing

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