One of the foremost nightmares of diabetics (including me) is to be get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in an unfamiliar environment. Lows happen to us all sometimes, no matter how careful you are. When left unchecked, you go unconscious and long-term liver damage can occur if frequent enough. Rule #1 is to always carry something to bring you back up, such as glucose tablets, juice or sweets. Otherwise all bets are off.

Amy Tenderich on her wonderful blog writes about a recent experience she had when travelling. What starts as just a routine story turns into a rant about the nature of our “I’m all right Jack” or “Can’t help you sorry” society today. Extreme, maybe, but how many times have you witnessed something ugly and nobody intervened? I can think of a couple at least. I have to say Amy was incredibly patient in her time of need. If that was me, I’d be crawling on all fours down the aisle of the plane begging people to check their bags/pockets for something sugary.


2 thoughts on “Sugar RIGHT NOW!

  • 27-Jun-2006 at 17:02

    I can think of a couple occasions too and that’s a couple too many.

    I can’t however for the life of me think of a reason why someone would deem failure to act as an acceptable behavior.


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