Pyramid in Bosnia?

An archeological side is being examined in a hill in Visoko, Bosnia. In Slovene, ‘visok’ means tall, an apt name for a hilly town. It is thought that the hill conceals an ancient pyramid, the first of its kind discovered in (modern-day) Europe. Is this evidence that Egyptian culture spread its wings out this far, or a symbol used by another culture?

Read more about it at National Geographic.

2 Responses to “Pyramid in Bosnia?”

  1. Michael M. 12-May-2006 at 20:33 #

    Archaeology magazine recently gave this guy the smackdown, saying it is “not believable” and “impossible.” It was heartbreaking to read. It would be great if it were true.

  2. brian 12-May-2006 at 22:06 #

    Yikes, looks like an ego-trip scam. We’ll wait and see, but the ‘smackdown’ is pretty damning.

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