We are looking for people who will help keep mozdev.org running smoothly. Successful candidates will be familiar with the services that mozdev.org offers and will be dedicated to making our site the main incubator for Mozilla extension and application development.

Web Application Developer

We are looking for a developer to help us improve the functionality of mozdev.org and add new features for our users. The requirements for this position include:

  • experience building interactive database driven web applications
  • advanced knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache and FreeBSD
  • familiarity with HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript
  • someone who is self-motivated and is willing to communicate

Some of the initial tasks for implementation are:

  • assisting with migrating the site to a new server
  • creating an integrated account system where users can update their personal information and change their login
  • setting up a blogging system
  • creating a tool that will assist owners with publishing their projects on addons.mozilla.org

This is a part-time position with no location requirement. If you are interested in this position, please respond to admin at mozdev dot org with information about your work background and relevant experience.

mozdev.org Web Developer Job Available

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