Some Changes Around Here

You may or may not have noticed some changes to this blog over the last few days. Here are a few details of what has been happening.

  1. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0. There are been many scare stories out and about of it being buggy and not ready for release yet, but I took the plunge and it appears to work great. I like the Admin panel changes and the new post WYSIWYG editor based on TinyMCE.
  2. I’ve changed themes to use the fantastic Squible theme [more at the Squible flickr group]. This theme is really a breath of fresh air, bring a clean look, integrated tagging and tag searching, flickr integration and much much more.
  3. I’ve changed the permalink structure. With mod_rewrite available on my host box, I’ve updated it from (for example):
    This means many broken links all over the place and possible syndication chaos for a bit, but is better in the long term.
  4. My feed has been consolidated into a single one (RSS) via feedburner. I’m not sure if this is a good idea because it decreases user choice, but I’ll see how it goes. I’d urge anyone already subscribed to resubscribe using this feed. If your software does auto-discovery, it should be found.

28 Replies to “Some Changes Around Here”

  1. Regarding #3, if you have mod_rewite running you should be able to avoid broken links. When I migrated from MoveableType to WordPress I created a mod_rewrite rule that allowed both the old MovableType links and the new wordpress links to work.

  2. Got envy! I gave Squible a go and she did not let me master her…
    It looks so cool though.
    I am jealous and leave you with your perfect looking blogsite right away :(.

  3. Hey Dezso, your new design looks pretty slick even without Squible. Kudos! Squible Beta is coming soon, so it might be in better shape then for you to use.

  4. I realy like the new design. Very structered and not the usual three(or two)-column thing. But I think some parts are a bit overloaded (but surely good for a search engine).

  5. I certainly agree leo. The UI is busy. What I’d like to see in newer versions of Squible is the ability yo plug in and out modules such as Tags and Conversion.

    The more choices there are, the more chances there are of the visitor leaving your blog!

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