It was 2nd January just passed, and I was sitting in my folks-in-law house having dinner after just returning from Christmas holidays in Ireland. I felt the ground shake. It was very subtle, and nobody else seemed to notice so I didn’t say anything. The next day the word was out, there was a very minor quake (Magnitude 2.3), the epicentre about 3km from my village. More details here.

Earthquakes are not new to this region. Another minor quake in this region in 2000 is reported here. The full abstract goes like this:

Measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale, the quake was centered about 70 km from Ljubljana, near Raka na Dolenjskem. The earthquake did nothing to affect the stability of the nuclear power plant at Krško (JEK), and instruments at JEK did not even register the quake.

Reassuring … NOT! And lest we forget the great quakes in Ljubljana in 1511 and 1895. This was not the first earthquake I experienced. When living in Vancouver in 2001, we felt shocks from the Seattle quake. It was weird looking out my office window and seeing the glass building sway in front of me, but also exhilarating. I bet though the people sitting out winter without homes in Northern Pakistan are not feeling quite so exhilarated right now.

On Shifting Ground

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