(Present: brian, david, andy, pete)

New Server Migration
– the server is ready to ship to OSUOSL
– there was a HD RAID problem, but Andy replaced the disk and will ship the faulty one back to the supplier
– awaiting on IP address to use with remote management card
– it requires IE and Active X, but Pete knows of a Linux client for it.
– migrating the data will take some time.

Sysadmin Work
– Andy has less time, because he now has a full-time job
– He will help oversee server setup and migration, and then evaluate his position at that time.

– David received another bill from Web Stop for next 3 months.
– although costs will go down once the main server is hosted OSUOSL, we will pay for this period because the migration could take a while.
– we will negotiate a new deal for the next quarter.
– only backup server will be hosted at Web Stop after the new server goes live.
– We may also host the development machine (with test jails) there; that should be relatively low-bandwidth.

Open Issues
– Andy reapplied the qmail patch, and it seems to be working fine now.
– spam filtering : might require switching from the current setup a little.
– options include clamav, spamassasin, DSPAM. None meet our needs exactly, and would require configration changes.
– Pete is currently spamd training on the mailman messages.
– We’ll contact mozilla.org to see how they handle spam.

– up to this point, they have done very little and the program does not appear to be working in its current iteration.
– we concluded to discuss it more at the board meeting the following Friday (27th).

Minutes of Mozdev Admin Meeting 2006-01-20

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