I was reading this post the other day, and when I read “…I’m looking for a way to keep the original site in a tab and open the source in an adjacent tab”. Ding! The lightbulb went off in my head, and I said it should not be too hard to do. So yesterday I coded up a quick and dirty version of View Source Choice. Minimal features currently, but I’ll expand on it.



  • Firefox 1.5. I will not support earlier versions, but will later versions when the time comes.


  • Handle View Source requests that come in through the view-source: protocol.
  • Turn extension on and off in Options
  • Redirect View Source to current window (current default in Firefox), new tab, or new window.

Planned Features

(v0.2 and beyond)

  • Load Source in Sidebar. You can see this in action in the excellent All-In-One Sidebar extension.
  • Load Source in external application. The ViewSourceWith extension has this functionality.
  • Add sub-menu to browser context menu with full list of choices to load Source.
  • Override the View->Page Source (Ctrl+U) item, at least as an option. Currently this opens the Source in a special window.
View Source Choice v0.1

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