The Irish Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern is in Croatia at the moment. Earlier this evening I watched a 15 minute or so interview with him on Croatian national television (I live pretty close to the Croatian border and we pick up a few of the terrestrial channels). He talked about such things as Ireland’s current ecomomic model, education, immigrants in Ireland, and the relationship between the republic and Northern Ireland.

Croatia’s entry into the EU, despite having no fixed timetable, still seems to be on the rails despite some previous obstacles. It’s clear that Ireland is fully backing Croatia here. It could have something to do with a shared Catholic identity (though this is less relevant in modern Ireland), or not. I suspect though it might have something to do with the fact that holiday homes in Spain are drying up, so Irish holidaymakers will need to broaden their reach when the overcast Irish summer sets in!

Bertie in Zagreb

2 thoughts on “Bertie in Zagreb

  • 30-Nov-2005 at 08:58

    What overcast summer?

    I’ve spend 3 weeks in Ireland this summer and I got sun burned practically every day until my tan was dark enough. I even used sunscreen.

    Is it possible that rainy clouds avoid me? :)

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