I was asked to write an article for the O’Reilly Network called ‘What Is Firefox’. It is part of a loosely connected set of articles, the goal of each being to explain broadly a service or piece of software.

You would think that everyone would know at this stage what Firefox is, unless they have been living under a stone. It’s a Web browser, right? Well, yes it is. I set out to highlight why it is a best-of-breed browser, and how it is much more than that too because of the extension system. I recommend Firefox as a Web developer testbed because of the high support for standards and the good selection of tools. I talk about the new and improved features in the upcoming 1.5 release.

Read it now…

Many thanks to Chris for ideas, Asa for peer review, and Tara McGoldrick at O’Reilly for the hard work in helping get it online.

If you are interested, here are some other articles in the ‘What Is’ series:

What Is Firefox

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