I’ve been following the conversation in bug 300028 with interest. Localisers are up in arms that their Firefox 1.0.5 builds have not been released yet because of API breakage in the released en-US version. Now it looks like this build will be skipped for a 1.0.6 release next week.

While pointing this out, I’m not going to criticise anyone because a) I know many folks in the Foundation and elsewhere are doing great l10n work to merge locales into CVS and make a solid build system, and b) the locale I work on (ga-IE) has a very small user base thus there is no pressure for release (though this is not the case for other locales).

Yet there seems to be 2 legitimate gripes:

  • Lack of official communications on the issue
  • Why are localized builds not shipped simultaneously with the en-US version?
1.0.5 Release Blooper

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  • 17-Jul-2005 at 10:21

    And “lack of communication” is everygreen for Mozilla Foundation. Maybe this isn’t so open project…

  • 17-Jul-2005 at 11:31

    > Maybe this isn’t so open project…

    Nearly none of the major open source projects are open projects…

  • 17-Jul-2005 at 15:48

    # Why are localized builds not shipped simultaneously with the en-US version?

    Indeed, why not. For example, Thunderbird 1.0.2 had been out for ages, but it took a long while for the localisations to follow. For Firefox the localisations are available earlier, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be released simultaneously. Not doing that only leads to confusion for people who want to upgrade their localised version.


  • 17-Jul-2005 at 16:28

    Well, to be realistic, most of the core developers speak English, and most of the users do to. Since the localization efforts vary in attention, it would lead to later releases all around if everyone had to wait for everyone else.

    That said, this is clearly a screwup from mozfoundation and not the l10n teams. They should indeed be more up front about the problems!

  • 18-Jul-2005 at 00:30

    There are two kinds of users using Firefox. First group contains those who spread the word, try many different extensions, use English version, try nightly builds, report bugs etc. About 5% percent of people belong to this group.

    The second group is happy that they know where they can start their computer. Many of the people in this group don’t speak English nor are they able or happy to use the English version. About 95% of people belong to this group.

    The second group is also very difficult. They are used to IE and they are lookind for reasons to go back to there. News about Firefox security holes doesn’t help, but tell them that Firefox provides patches to those holes very quicly, so they don’t need to worry about the holes.

    When new version is released, but it isn’t for their language, we tell them to wait for a few days. Few days passes and there is still no new version. They ask “Where is the new version that should be here fast like you said?” What am I supposed to answer to that?

    Firefox is a really good peace of software. It is one of the best oss I have ever seen. But without users, Firefox is nothing.

    So please, try to understand how important it is to release versions with different languages asap after the English version, even if they suffer from some bugs. This will make the work for us much easier and it will also increase the amount of users, which you propably want too.

  • 18-Jul-2005 at 22:03

    If 1.0.5 has problems, Mozilla should stop delivering 1.0.5 en version to US people too. Otherwise it sounds as if the us people were more important than the non-us people. If you intend to give 1.0.6 to all, stop having 1.0.5 only in English.


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