I’ve been a huge fan of Soundgarden for a long time. They quit when they were ahead in 1997 and their lead singer Chris Cornell released a superb solo album ‘Euphoria Morning‘ in 1999. When Chris hooked up with former members of Rage Against the Machine in 2001, I wasn’t paying much attention and didn’t check out their eponymous debut until recently. While it didn’t have the magic of Soundgarden, there are some fine songs on there. So I thought, I’d check out their new album (who said they’d be a one album band?), ‘Out of Exile’. This album really shines. Cornell’s voice just seems to get better, and the band is gelling together really well. Tracks like ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Heavens Dead’ bring respite in the midst of heavier numbers.

Audioslave played Cuba recently. The first US band to play in a very long time. Leaving the politics aside, by all reports it was a rocking gig and a great experience. Read the report over at mtv.com.

Slave to the Rhythm

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