I had the good fortune of speaking at the LOTS Conference in Bern last Friday and was there for a few days. It was my second time in Bern, the other time being ~1998 when a friend was living in Basel and I did a rail tour around Switzerland/Austria/Germany.

My memories of Bern were different than the reality of this time. This could be because the city has changed or more likely because I have changed. Regardless, it still left a good impression on me. Folks are warm, it’s lively, lot’s of cool nightspots and shops (not that I had time to check them out). And I don’t even need to talk about the trains.

The street layout is distinguished by 6km of ‘Lauben’, or arcades, apparently the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe. Something for everybody, though too much shopping there would probably have me running for the Alps before long!

Departing from Zurich Airport

You’ll find some snaps of the trip in my travel album.

Bern Impressions

4 thoughts on “Bern Impressions

  • 25-Feb-2005 at 09:53

    Looks like u had a real fun in Swis ;-), but same time I know u were dieing to go back to Slovenia

  • 25-Feb-2005 at 20:51

    See, I didn’t even know it’s the longest covered shopping promenade in europe – and I live here for almost 30 years :-) One can get around all the shops easily it seems.

  • 13-Mar-2005 at 14:19

    Now after you haved fix the little Permalink problem I can post also a small response.

    It was a pleasure for me to meet you at LOTS, hopefuly I see you again. Sometime, somewere …


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